Start with Resources

There is always a balance to be maintained in life.  We have stressors and we have resources. Stressors are easily described as anything that causes stress. This could be school, work, finances, relationships, or health concerns to name a few.  Resources are anything that help us manage the stress we are experiencing. Resources are made … Continue reading Start with Resources

The Complicated Nature of Boundaries

Boundaries are a common topic in the realm of mental heatlh.  This is because boundaries matter.  They are integral to attachment—how we give and receive care.  They are integral to safety and the way we care for ourselves. Brene Brown describes boundaries in simple terms, “what is okay and what is not okay”. Boundaries and … Continue reading The Complicated Nature of Boundaries

Post Traumatic Stress; Does trauma increase resilience?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  It’s a common phrase in Western culture. The notion is intended to take the sting out of adverse events or trauma, suggesting that they serve to increase resilience and perhaps prepare an individual for future stressors. This is not untrue. In fact, we often deliberately put ourselves under stress … Continue reading Post Traumatic Stress; Does trauma increase resilience?