Consultation Services

There are few things more selfless than caring for a child in need. Adoption and fostering, while fulfilling and purposeful, are often times much harder than anticipated. Adoptive and foster parents are at risk of depression, resentment, and burn-out if they do not receive the support and education they need.

While not every adopted or foster child may need counseling it is our belief that caregivers always need support. Our consultation services will help you understand the neuroscience behind a child’s brain and how children who have experienced trauma, neglect, or multiple transitions develop differently. We will help you make sense of why your child might act out aggressively or withdraw completely. Finally, we will help you construct a home environment that is brain-friendly and developmentally appropriate to help your child heal and help you connect to each other.

“You can not lead a child to healing if you do not know the way yourself”-Karen Purvis-