Understanding Addiction

By Lindsey Boman, MA, LPC "Why can’t I stop?" is often the first question people struggling with addiction will ask me when they come into treatment. They will name all the reasons that they have to maintain sobriety, (family, friends, finances, freedom, health, career etc.) but will confess that they keep choosing their drug of … Continue reading Understanding Addiction

What I want my clients to know

I consider myself blessed beyond what I deserve. I get to do a job that I genuinely love. Many people find counseling mysterious and confusing. Unless you’ve been through the process it is hard to know what to expect. When working with clients—whether it is deep brain work, psychoeducation, or just discussing the process of … Continue reading What I want my clients to know

The times I was a completely imperfect counselor.

Vulnerability. I am bad at it. As a recovering perfectionist, I seek to embrace my vulnerability rather than reject it (or at the very least I try). I have learned in my personal and professional life that vulnerability breeds authenticity, creativity, and growth. But make no mistake--this is not easy. Being a Licensed Professional Counselor … Continue reading The times I was a completely imperfect counselor.

Start with Resources

There is always a balance to be maintained in life.  We have stressors and we have resources. Stressors are easily described as anything that causes stress. This could be school, work, finances, relationships, or health concerns to name a few.  Resources are anything that help us manage the stress we are experiencing. Resources are made … Continue reading Start with Resources

Post Traumatic Stress; Does trauma increase resilience?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  It’s a common phrase in Western culture. The notion is intended to take the sting out of adverse events or trauma, suggesting that they serve to increase resilience and perhaps prepare an individual for future stressors. This is not untrue. In fact, we often deliberately put ourselves under stress … Continue reading Post Traumatic Stress; Does trauma increase resilience?