Why can’t we be friends?

Counseling is a unique experience. It is vulnerable, raw, excruciating, and profound. The therapeutic relationship is unique and unlike any other relationship. The therapeutic relationship can be difficult to understand but it is one of most important factors that influences the outcome of therapy. Because the therapeutic relationship is so unique, and perhaps mysterious, it … Continue reading Why can’t we be friends?

Compliance as a survival response

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Survival is complicated and incredible. We are innately wired with a sophisticated stress response system that allows us to survive hard things. To put it simply (although this is an oversimplification) there are 3 primary default responses to threat. First we seek social connection—safe people. If safety is not found … Continue reading Compliance as a survival response

The Complicated Nature of Boundaries

Boundaries are a common topic in the realm of mental heatlh.  This is because boundaries matter.  They are integral to attachment—how we give and receive care.  They are integral to safety and the way we care for ourselves. Brene Brown describes boundaries in simple terms, “what is okay and what is not okay”. Boundaries and … Continue reading The Complicated Nature of Boundaries